Brands We Repair

Robert’s Appliance Repair will come out and repair virtually any household appliance. We provide appliance repair service and parts for all major household appliance brands. With years of experience and expertise, our technicians have repaired every major model and brand of refrigerator, oven, stove, cooktop, dishwasher, trash compactor, or any other home appliance.

Here’s a snapshot of the most frequent appliance brands we repair:


Samsung is a trusted maker of top-class appliances, having sold their products for more than 80 years in every corner of the globe. These folks carry perhaps the largest assortment of home appliances including ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

However, like all appliances, Samsung products break down as well. Because we have years of experience working with Samsung appliances, we will diagnose and repair your broken appliance on the spot.


A South Korean electronics powerhouse that focuses on style and innovation is LG. Many upscale homes in Lincoln have these well-built, functional, and attractive appliances.

LG produces products like dual ovens that have double doors. They make double laundry machines that are stackable and fridges that have front windows. Their selection of dishwasher models is impressive as well. Our technicians routinely train to take care of these high-end products.


Bosch has been a leading appliance manufacturer for more than 125 years. This award-winning brand routinely produces appliances that are both beautiful and functional. If there are any issues with your Bosch appliance, take advantage of Robert’s Bosch appliance repair services.


GE has been designing and manufacturing appliances that meet the real-life demands of their customers since the late 19th century! Although their appliances are known for reliability and durability, they produce machines with cutting-edge technology on a regular basis. If you have trouble with any GE appliance, you can trust Robert’s Appliance Repair to make rapid and effective repairs.


One of the most popular appliance brands is Frigidaire. These folks manufacture top-of-the-line laundry and kitchen appliances with truly interesting accessories as well. Never-the-less, even Frigidaire appliances break down from time to time. You can trust Robert’s maintenance and repair services for your Frigidaire appliances.


Viking is a subsidiary of Middleby Corporation. These folks are the largest manufacturer in the world of commercial kitchen appliances. You can get Viking ice makers, cooktops, dishwashers, of ovens, ranges, and air conditioning systems. And Robert’s is here to fix any and all of these in case of a breakdown.



Maytag brand is now owned and distributed by the Whirlpool Corporation. These folks have always been known for making reliable appliances. Remember the “Maytag washer repairman” whom you rarely had to call? These appliances have graced Lincoln homes for decades. And, they have very competitive prices to boot.

Contrary to the old TV ad, Maytag appliances do break down from time to time and in the Lincoln area, Robert’s is always here to fix them on the spot.


Kenmore is another century-old appliance maker. Their products are world-class, efficient, and reliable. This company introduces lots of innovations as well. And, if your Kenmore appliance starts having issues, contact us at Robert’s Appliance Repair for prompt and efficient repairs.

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Whenever your appliances are causing you trouble, Robert’s Appliance Repair always available. We are authorized to service and repair most major brands. Our technicians are well-trained and our service is prompt, courteous, and efficient. For high-quality service at the right price, call us today.