Dishwasher Repair

It is always a budget-conscious decision to repair a dishwasher with a professional service instead of purchasing a new one.

You can commonly save hundreds of dollars by making repairs instead of purchasing a new model of dishwasher. Look at the cost of replacing a water inlet or drain valve instead of buying a brand new dishwasher and there is a very big difference.

That being the case, instituting repairs on the spot instead of simply hoping for the best, is your best choice. By putting off the purchased of a new appliance for several years, you can save a lot of money. There is always the unexpected cost of a repair but over the long run, you will come out ahead when you use a reputable dishwasher repair service Robert’s Appliance Repair of Lincoln, CA.

When your dishwasher, or any of your appliances, in the Lincoln area does function like it is supposed to, call the Lincoln, CA dishwasher, professionals at Robert’s. Our experienced technicians will respond promptly, determine the problem, and fix it quickly.

When You Need Call Robert’s for Dishwasher Repair

If you are not certain if your dishwasher is having problems, here are a few tips. When you see or hear these things from your dishwasher, you need to call Robert’s Appliance Repair.

Broken latch

If you cannot shut the dishwasher completely, the dishes will probably not get clean or will come out streaked. Call for help and we will send a certified technician to check out the problem, fix the broken latch or bad seal, and return your dishwasher to normal performance.

Lukewarm water

When the dishwasher only makes lukewarm water or when your dishes are cool to the touch immediately after the cleaning cycle, call us right away. Your dishwasher should always produce and wash with hot water.

Dishes are still dirty at the end of a cleaning cycle

When the cycle ends and there are still dirty dishes in the dishwasher, you may have a pump assembly that has worn out, the heating element may be burned out, or the holes on the spray arm may be blocked. These are all issues that we can diagnose and fix on one visit.

The dishwasher hums and then stops

As your dishwasher is not a musical device it should not hum. And, it should not hum and then stop! This is a sign of a faulty motor. We can send someone out the same day to check this and make repairs as needed.

Cracks in the dishwasher body

If you see obvious cracks in the dishwasher, it is having serious problems, won’t clean well, and won’t get better. Call Robert’s for help on this one. Sooner is better! We will check the problem and advise you regarding the best solution.

Rusting dishwasher

The inner part of your dishwasher should never show any rust. If you are seeing this, you need to call a professional like Robert’s Appliance Repair in Lincoln, CA to determine the cause and advise you as to the best solution.

Puddles of water under the dishwasher

This is a worrisome finding and certainly not normal functioning for your dishwasher. When water collects under the dishwasher, call us right away. Whether you have a leaking hose, faulty gasket, or something else, we can fix it and help you avoid more problems in the future.

Call Robert’s Appliance Repair of Lincoln, CA

When you find that your dishwasher needs professional attention, you need to contact a certified and experienced repair service. You want professionals with the expertise to diagnose and solve problems for every brand and model. At Robert’s Appliance Repair, we fix your dishwasher and other appliances before you need to start looking to buy a new model.

Robert’s is a reputable dishwasher repair service in Lincoln, with technicians experienced in repairing and servicing all models and brands of dishwashers. If your dishwasher is causing you problems, contact us today.