Washing Machine Repair

Next to your refrigerator, your washing machine is certainly the most important home appliance in terms of comfort, utility, and convenience. When the washing machine breaks down, you are left with loads of laundry and choices of trips or the laundromat, washing by hand, or letting the dirty clothes pile up!

Whenever you notice see a problem with your washing machine in Lincoln, CA, you should promptly schedule a visit from Robert’s Appliance Repair. We service Whirlpool, Samsun, Kenmore, Maytag, and other major brands.

Be Careful with DIY Washing Machine Repairs

You may be good at fixing things when they break, but a washing machine is a complicated appliance. In general, it is better to leave washing machine repairs to experienced and certified technicians with experience handling all repair issues large and small.

The problems with amateurs fixing washing machines don’t stop with not fixing it right or even beaking the machine. It is possible to cause electrical fires or flooding that will ruin your woodwork and create mold issues as well. When your washing machine in Lincoln, CA is not working, call Robert’s right now!

When your washing machine breaks down, call the pros at Robert’s Appliance Repair and fix the problem the right way on a single repair call.

Look for a repair service in Lincoln with a good reputation and for someone who gives you good value for your dollar. That will always be Robert’s, the go-to repair service for washing machine repairs.

You will always want to look for a service with competitive pricing combined with prompt, professional service. That will give you most stress-free, economical, repair of one of your most important appliances.

We service and repair all kinds of washing machines, including:

  • Top-loading washing machines
  • Front washing machines
  • Combination units
  • Compact washing machines

Common Problems with Washing Machines

Here are the sorts of things you should look out for with your washing machine. When one of these warning sign occurs, it is time to call for help before something else goes wrong too!

The washer doesn’t turn

This may happen when the off-balance switch has been tripped. The first “repair” is to simply redistribute the clothes! If this does not work you will need to call us for a quick service call, diagnosis, and necessary repairs.

The washing machine does not spin like it should

A burned-out solenoid, poor timer contact, broken drive belt faulty lid plunger or lid switch, or damaged wires are common causes of this problem.

Excessive vibration

When the washing machine is not level, it may vibrate. This can be because the floor is not level or the machine has not been leveled properly. Old damper or snubber pads may also be why this is happening.


If your washing machine is leaking, we check for and fix loose hoses, dripping tubes, water injection hoses, excess soap, and drainpipe clogs. All of these can cause leaking.

Poor drainage of water

If water stays in the drum you might have a clogged drain hose, worn drive belt, or problems with the pump. You need to fix this before it leads to more trouble.

Spots on your clothes after the wash cycle

Oil leaking from a defect in the transmission can stain clothes. This needs to be fixed before it gets even worse.

Soap in clothes when the wash cycle is done

A clogged cold-water valve or a faulty timer contact may result in soap remaining on the clothes when the cycle is done.

Call Robert’s Appliance Repair of Lincoln, CA

When your washing machine breaks down or starts with the warning signs that we list here, contact us at Robert’s Appliance Repair. We are readily available to fix all manner of problems at fair prices and we include warranties for parts and labor with all of our work.